Wheels in motion – chakras

You may not be able to physically see or touch your chakras but you will definitely know about them if they are working overtime or being lazy.


Chakra is the Sanskrit word forย  “wheels of energy/ light” that help to connect our physical body with our energy body. This is how we are able as human beings to feel, think, sense, and connect to a higher level of being/ consciousness.

We have hundreds of energy systems running throughout our bodies and the chakras are one of the main dominant ones. They are connected through our nervous system branching from our spine, where we have the sushumna nadi (main channel where prana/energy travels through the centre of the spinal cord) that runs from our coccyx (root chakra) through to the top our head (crown chakra).

We have 7 main chakras that connects us from the ground up.
1. Muladhara – Root chakra – Red
2. Swadhisthana – Sacral chakra – Orange
3. Manipura – Solar plexus – Yellow
4. Anahata – Heart chakra – Green/ Pink
5. Vishuddha – Throat chakra – Blue
6. Ajna – Third eye – Indigo
7. Sahasara – Crown chakra – Violet

As everything is energy, chakras themselves have their own vibration. It is here where they have their own colour through the range of the infrared light spectrum. The lower the chakra in the body the lower its vibration.

Not only do chakras have their own vibrations but they also have their own emotions, sound, relating organs and systems, as well as human behaviour and attributes.

You may not be able to physically see or touch your chakras but you will definitely know about them if they are working overtime or being lazy.

When these wheels are unbalanced they can create physical problems in your life. Whether it be from having ankle problems due to instability, to breathing issues from a broken heart and having trust issues, chakra balancing is key to helping you live a healthy, happy, connected life.

Your body naturally knows how to heal itself and it is the reason why you sometimes feel more inclined to eat specific foods or wear a certain colour on different days. Your body is trying to heal and balance itself and intuitively you are doing it without realising…isn’t that amazing?!

The more you learn about the chakra system the more you begin to understand the interwoven relationship of how everything about us is affected by everything within and without. And when you rise through the chakras you become less of an individual with selfish needs and desires, to becoming a more conscious collective being.

I won’t give too much away in this post, but if you would like to know more on the chakras then join me in one of my #WheelsInMotion workshops.

Hips don’t lie…seriously!

Let’s face it, after teenagehood and entering into the adult world, it is almost a given that tight hips are a way of life.

There are the few exceptions from the rule but most of us including myself struggle with that stiffness around the pelvic region, and it’s deeper than tight hip flexors and psoas muscle, which mind you is known as the muscle of the soul.

You could say it’s a mixed bag of things with not stretching enough as our bodies grow, sitting all day, running too much, wearing heels, bone structure, the list can go on, but one thing to add here is the element of EMOTIONS.

Our hips are one of the greatest emotional storage containers in our bodies and we can store some of our deepest vulnerabilities in them. We store memories, emotional pain and energy from our partners current and past, and childhood trauma in the fascia (connective tissue).

What tight hips can also mean:

  • Fearing the future – living up to our own expectations (front of hips)
  • Fear of relationships – romantic and work
  • Emotional and physical trauma – childbirth
  • Chakra imbalance (sacral) – connected to sexuality, desires, pleasure and procreation. Ability to let go
  • Inability to love yourself – to be fully open
  • Holding onto the past – back of the hips (lower back/ glutes)

Through my own experience of hip pain and having to go through surgery to heal the physical damage, the real healing and opening of my hips came through many hours of breath work, specific yoga postures (tree pose [pic above], pigeon pose, low lunge, spinal twists, dancers pose) and releasing my energetic blocks through healing work. I can assure you it wasn’t an overnight job, but I got back to walking and running free of hip pain, and back to competing at higher levels.

Learning to be OK with the tightness is in itself a way of healing as you become mindful and free of judgement and expectation on where you are and where you want to be.

The hips are also connected to the brain via the central nervous system, so what you think and believe in carries on into those areas.

Yoga + breath + mindfulness = happy hips ๐Ÿ™‚


Coming out of an ashram with 200hrs under your belt and a practice of taking a whole 2 classes in an exam setting is far from a preparation to being a teacher to your students.

Headstands after a few rounds of sun salutations? I think not! (and before you ask, no I’m not teaching this, and yes this is what my course in India taught us).

Thank god for my many years of practice and the teachings my invaluable teacher has given me, to help build the practice that I am now sharing with my students.

Yoga is more than downward dogs, handstands and the latest yoga leggings. It is a practice that helps one become centred, aware of their body and emotions, and be completely present in movement with their breath. Healing the body with the breath. It’s all about YOU becoming aware of the real you, your higher self, and all that exists.

From what I see that walks through the doors into my yoga class, people don’t need more physical stress in their lives, they need a reset button, a much needed space for “me” time. Some TLC for their mind and soul that they don’t get a chance to feel outside of their yoga mat.

I’m not going to lie, my students are a stiff bunch, but it’s really no surprise. Years of weight lifting, running, sitting down for long periods every day, physically picking up young children and holding onto emotional stress all adds up to tightness in the body. Your issues truly lie in your tissues.

With yoga being a fad right now, half the female population becoming teachers (myself included), and the media focusing on Circus De Soleil contortions, it’s important to keep note on why one would do yoga.

Powerful flows may feel great, do wonders for the ego, and those 30deg sweat boxes might feel like we are releasing toxins but really it’s more physical stress on our bodies. Give yourself a break! Don’t even get me talking about this ridiculous culture of Beer Yoga!

The benefits of yoga are in their hundreds, both physically, emotionally and mentally. The practice is a lifelong journey. No class or sequence is ever the same, and the more one does yoga, the deeper the connection with your inner self.

Patience, letting go, being present and reconnecting with your breath is all that is needed. Forget your perfect chatarungas, forget how your ass looks in your lululemon tights, and forget your need to be more than exactly where you are.

As for teaching, I’m very much enjoying it. It helps me become a better person in all aspects as one does not like to preach without practicing, but in all honesty I am as much of a student as those in my classes, and that’s probably the best part of it all.

Creation is life

If you are not creating you are dying.

If your body is not regenerating new cells, then your body will shut down. Your red blood cells change every 4 months, your white ones between 2-5 days, your sperm (males) 2 months, your lung alveoli 8 days, and the only thing that will last your entire lifetime are your cells in your Central Nervous System (CNS).

So if your body cannot function/survive without generating new cells, then life itself cannot be sustained without growth or change.

We see life around us grow, change colour, even change form and shape, but when it comes to our desires and dreams we sometimes suppress them, even to the point where we die with them inside.

What happened to that child that was so creative, adventurous and fearless? Society told you you had to grow up.

You may have grown into an adult body, and experienced life situations that have helped you become wise and strong, but you are still a child inside.

Your inner child is who you really are. The child within that still wants to play, paint, sing, dance, jump in puddles, feel love without fear or judgement, draw on walls, say what you think and feel, and just live life as batman or superman.

When you suppress your creative side (and we all have one), you kill your spirit and your passion for being here. You become old beyond your years, and you stop living and start existing.

By doing something creative and arty, you become inspired to be more happy, to feel free, to express your emotions and be more open, and live YOUR LIFE to it’s fullest. It also helps to align you with your life’s purpose and work that you are truly gifted at.

Your passions, desires and creativity come from your pelvic region, and it is of no coincidence that this is where life is created and born. This area is also known as your “centre of creativity”- your sacral chakra.

When you push your creative desires down, you start creating a disconnection with your body, your feelings, and to life itself. I also believe that this disconnection is one of the reasons why people struggle with having children or have reproductive organ issues.

So the next time you feel low, feel lost with life, feel a little disconnected with who you are and where you are heading, go and do something creative. Get your dancing shoes on, get your paint brushes out, or even bake something. You may just find a new hidden talent at making souffle.

Also, taking part in yoga and doing breath work will help clear and heal any energetic blockages in your sacral chakra.

You are never too old to start creating something new. Your are never too old to continue doing what you have always loved. You are never too old to bring that dream to life. And you are never too old to wear a superman cape…but maybe leave the spiderman pants to the official 6 year olds.

Energy healing. Is it really all magic potions, witches and wands?

Well if you read tales, fables, and watch Dreamworks films, then you may still believe that magic and healing only happens in the imagination or on film.

The imagination part is true, but it also happens every day, however you may dismiss it as a coincidence, chance, a random strange thing or completely dismiss it’s occurrence.

Energy healing seems to be the New Age modality of healing at the moment, with the rise of Yoga, Reiki and wellness magazines, and it is far from new, although becoming more recognized in the mainstream health field as well as society.

So let’s take out the word healing and we are left with energy.

What is Energy? E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.

Without energy we, the earth, and life could not exist.

We feel energy through temperature and emotions; we see energy through ocean waves; we hear energy through musical notes; and we also increase our own energy by exercising and meditating.

Energy is life, and it can be transferred, transformed and transmuted depending on what it is for.

Albert Einstein famously said that “energy cannot be created not destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another”

So if energy always exists, this means that humans with the right tools, and intentions can use that energy to heal.

Now let’s look at healing

If you make someone laugh..Thats healing
If you drink a hot cup of lemon honey tea. That’s healing.
If you stand in the morning sun on a winter’s day. That’s healing
If you sit in silence watching your children play. That’s healing
If you go to the physio for treatment. That’s healing
If you meet with your friends and talk about life. That’s healing.
If you cry over a romcom. That’s healing.
Writing your thoughts and worries. That’s healing.
Even thinking of someone and sending them some positive vibes is healing.

We are all healers really!

For centuries people have demonized, burnt at the stake, castrated and looked down upon those who do energy healing. It’s almost like if we can’t see it, or feel it, we immediately say it’s witchcraft!

Energy healing is no different to any other therapy or health modality.

Instead of moving energy in the body on a physical level, such as massage and acupuncture, energy healers move blockages within the body on an energetic level.

Depending on what a client need’s will depend on what tool is used in a healing session.

For example: crystals, sounds, essential oils and herbs.

When energy is moved in the body on an energetic level, it can be felt physically in the body.

You may not always feel the benefits of an energy healing session at first, but the more you begin to open up mentally and spiritually, your physical body will begin to respond.

It is important to remember that any therapist is not the healer. YOU ARE THE HEALER, we merely clear blockages from the body for you to begin the healing process.

Energy healing is far from new, but as our health system is failing us, we are beginning to look outside the box and look for more natural alternatives.

If you want to find out more about energy healing, where to find your local healer/therapist and what healing modality would most benefit you then please get in touch with me.

Oh! and magic potions? Well they really just are nature’s concoctions from herbs, oils and plants…..maybe ๐Ÿ™‚