Energy healing. Is it really all magic potions, witches and wands?

Well if you read tales, fables, and watch Dreamworks films, then you may still believe that magic and healing only happens in the imagination or on film.

The imagination part is true, but it also happens every day, however you may dismiss it as a coincidence, chance, a random strange thing or completely dismiss it’s occurrence.

Energy healing seems to be the New Age modality of healing at the moment, with the rise of Yoga, Reiki and wellness magazines, and it is far from new, although becoming more recognized in the mainstream health field as well as society.

So let’s take out the word healing and we are left with energy.

What is Energy? E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.

Without energy we, the earth, and life could not exist.

We feel energy through temperature and emotions; we see energy through ocean waves; we hear energy through musical notes; and we also increase our own energy by exercising and meditating.

Energy is life, and it can be transferred, transformed and transmuted depending on what it is for.

Albert Einstein famously said that “energy cannot be created not destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another”

So if energy always exists, this means that humans with the right tools, and intentions can use that energy to heal.

Now let’s look at healing

If you make someone laugh..Thats healing
If you drink a hot cup of lemon honey tea. That’s healing.
If you stand in the morning sun on a winter’s day. That’s healing
If you sit in silence watching your children play. That’s healing
If you go to the physio for treatment. That’s healing
If you meet with your friends and talk about life. That’s healing.
If you cry over a romcom. That’s healing.
Writing your thoughts and worries. That’s healing.
Even thinking of someone and sending them some positive vibes is healing.

We are all healers really!

For centuries people have demonized, burnt at the stake, castrated and looked down upon those who do energy healing. It’s almost like if we can’t see it, or feel it, we immediately say it’s witchcraft!

Energy healing is no different to any other therapy or health modality.

Instead of moving energy in the body on a physical level, such as massage and acupuncture, energy healers move blockages within the body on an energetic level.

Depending on what a client need’s will depend on what tool is used in a healing session.

For example: crystals, sounds, essential oils and herbs.

When energy is moved in the body on an energetic level, it can be felt physically in the body.

You may not always feel the benefits of an energy healing session at first, but the more you begin to open up mentally and spiritually, your physical body will begin to respond.

It is important to remember that any therapist is not the healer. YOU ARE THE HEALER, we merely clear blockages from the body for you to begin the healing process.

Energy healing is far from new, but as our health system is failing us, we are beginning to look outside the box and look for more natural alternatives.

If you want to find out more about energy healing, where to find your local healer/therapist and what healing modality would most benefit you then please get in touch with me.

Oh! and magic potions? Well they really just are nature’s concoctions from herbs, oils and plants…..maybe 🙂