You’re never too old to throw a tantrum

When was the last time you threw a tantrum?

I mean a real tantrum, the type of one’s you see toddler’s throw in supermarket aisles, in prams, or on the street with their horrified parent/s trying to calm them down, and stop the number of onlookers staring and judging them?

Wasn’t it a great time in your life, where you were able to just throw a tantrum because you couldn’t get what you wanted, and after a few minutes of crying, screaming, kicking and getting completely purple faced you were over it.

Wouldn’t it be great to do the same thing now, as a grown adult, to just do the same very thing.

Well I’m going to tell you that you can, and you should.

It takes more energy to hold those emotions in, than it does to just let it out in one rant and be done with it. Out of your system.

Emotions affect the body on a physical level, and the longer you hold onto them the more they manifest and grow into bigger issues. And on top of that you also become a very unhappy, miserable grump, where everything is an issue and you find it hard to find the good in things and in people.

When you allow your emotions to be felt and to flow through you, they leave no imprint in you or your body. For most of us, and that is myself included, we have been taught to keep quiet, don’t say that “because it is not polite”, “it is rude”, “it’s not good manners”…etc

Well screw that! Who made up those rules?

I’m sorry, but children look much happier in their lives than adults do, and I truly believe it is because they let emotions be expressed, and don’t stress about who is looking at them, judging them or how they look doing it.

So for your good health and sanity,  the next time life gets too much, get fed up with ignorance in your workplace, or you just want to let anything and everything out, GO FOR IT.

Let me know how you feel afterwards. 🙂


Can it really be called quitting?

If you don’t feel the fire in your career choice?
If you end a relationship that isn’t fulfilling you anymore?
If you pack your bags and move abroad to travel and explore?
What about if you’re just fed up with the direction your life is heading in?

I think not, and I don’t think you could ever quit in life.

You can give up on something that may be hard, character testing, or challenging, but your heart knows the difference between what is good for you, and what is holding you back.

You are never too old, too young, incapable, or unqualified to make a decision to stop what you are doing and change direction.

We get so caught up with the daily grind of routine, work, bills, family, and social commitments that we forget to fuel the fire for our existence.

So if you have an unfulfilled desire to pursue a goal or a dream then go do it. Get online and start researching on how you could get in line with that desire.

Start talking about your goals to people, and see if they know someone who could help you.

Get your pen and paper out and start writing down what you want.

Never stop learning. Never stop growing. Never stop dreaming. Never stop believing in yourself.

Forget the “I don’t quit” mentality and start working the “I deserve more” mentality.

The other side of you

You sit and observe the beautiful girl in the room. She is perfect in your eyes.

She has amazing shoes on, a great outfit, her hair is full and luscious, and you always wished for her kind of hair.

She has a very beautiful face, which is lit up by her perfect teeth and smile.

You adore her body and physique, and you say to yourself “she is lucky, she probably eats what she wants and is blessed with good genes”.

You begin to compare yourself to her, and look down and start judging yourself. Your confidence just fell through the floor, wishing you had picked out nicer clothes before you left home, even though you look great.

You put your drink down, excuse yourself and head to the ladies bathroom to compose yourself. You get your lip gloss, eyeliner, and mascara out, and stare at your reflection of the girl in the mirror.

How many times have us girls done this? Compared yourself to others by how they look, how their presence feels, what they are wearing and who their friends are. I am sure it is no different for men who feel the same way, and compare to other men in the room, or situations.

The minute we see someone who seemingly has their “shit together”, we feel bad about ourselves, magnify our flaws, and get frustrated where we are in our journey.

You may actually have all of the good traits of the “beautiful girl” in the above scenario, but we rarely see our own golden light and attributes.

What we don’t see when looking at others is their pain. The hardships endured, that they still may be enduring, and like most of us, carry it in silence.

Many beautiful girls, like most girls in population, have low self-esteem levels. Many of them sexually abused or assaulted in their younger years. Trauma being carried with them, that make-up and beautiful clothes only hide.

Toxic relationships that these girls keep getting involved in, because they see themselves as toxic on a deeper level. This isn’t always a belief they know they have, as it is on a sub-conscious level.

Looks don’t mean confidence.

Smiles don’t reflect happiness.

Great outfits and perfect make up hide emotional and physical scars.

Laughter masks the brokenness inside.

Flirting because dad didn’t teach you how to attract the right kind of love.

Crying yourself to sleep because you were told not to speak up when an older man touched you inappropriately.

Sound familiar? It was for me.

I have been toxic. I hated myself to the very core. I only respected myself as much as those cheating, lying boyfriends treated me

They only treated me a certain way because I allowed it…A difficult truth I needed to accept.

Drinking to forget my pain, even though I disliked alcohol and the way it made me feel.

Sleeping with men I didn’t like, because I wanted someone’s arms around me to make me feel loved, even if it was only for a night, and the sex rubbish.

Training myself into the ground until my body broke, because I needed to punish myself.

Seeing everyone else’s needs were met before mine, because they mattered and they were better than me.

Sabotaging good things and opportunities in my life because I didn’t deserve them.

That was the old me. Every point was exactly how I felt about myself. A broken girl who covered it so well, that she was able to be the motivation and inspiration for others because of the persona she gave.

We all have pain, trauma and past events that affect us to this day, whether we are aware of it or not. Your childhood and what you observed growing up, is what you base your beliefs on, how you carry out your daily life, and how your relationships evolve.

It is easy to sit and judge others by their looks and social status, but little do we know their story. Sometimes the very people you envy, are the very parts of yourself you need to heal.

One can only treat you the way you allow them to. People love pushing boundaries, and if you have none, then it might be time to set some up and avoid disappointments and heartbreak.

It is key for me to share some of my past and how I was, to help you in your journey of healing and change. To make you believe in yourself, that no matter how deep those wounds, they can be healed, they don’t have to dictate your life forever, and that they don’t reflect who you truly are.

For most of my career as an athlete I ran. I ran from myself, I ran from my emotions, I ran from those who loved me the most, and I ran myself into self-destruction.

I overcame my pain and my fears because I wanted to be a better me. I wanted to be happy, and I didn’t want this darkness that was plaguing me and destroying my life. Pain that almost cost me my life when I was 15, sad and wanting to end it with a box of panadol.

It takes courage, patience and a whole lot of forgiveness to overcome your demons and be the “beautiful girl” in the room with no other side of you to hide.

If you have been abused, assaulted, tormented and/or neglected, realise that your healed pain will someday be used to help someone else overcome theirs

Those with the deepest wounds always make the best healers and teachers.

The art of letting go

I was never one to let go of things easily.

At the age of 7 I was getting ready to head to my first ever school disco. I threw one of the biggest tantrums of my life, all because I refused to wear these white, blinged up, euro style flats I really didn’t like, which my grandma had bought me from Greece. Now we are talking late 80’s euro style coming to Australia!

Long story short…dad ripped up my favourite shoes a) because they were getting small for my growing feet and b) end the debate on which shoes I would wear. I cried, still went to the dance, wore no shoes all night, and needless to say I got in trouble AGAIN for not wearing shoes!

Now you and I could argue that this is a sign of a spoilt, stubborn child (probably/most likely), OR the fact that this is a sign of attachment.

It’s not easy to let go of something you love and enjoy whatever that may be.

Parents holding onto their children’s first pair of shoes; that leather jacket that has cigarette burns from the days that clubs allowed smoking inside; favourite mugs; expensive cutlery that was a wedding gift 12years ago; old sporting photographs; high school love letters, and the list goes on.

So why do we get so attached to things?

Well it’s not just things we hold onto. It’s habits, it’s people, it’s belief systems, it’s daily routines, and it all comes down to emotions and memories.

All of the people and things we hold on to is because of the way they/it make us feel.

Who doesn’t like to relive the past, and travel back in time to a point in your life, where you were different and life was simpler?

This is great for a short period of time, however, we as humans have a tendency to hold onto things and memories way past their “best before” date.

There is nothing wrong with going back in time and feeling those memories, the people in your life, and the surroundings, but holding onto them and not moving on is indicating that you are attached to the past and in danger of becoming depressed and disconnected from the real world, which is here, NOW.

Ask yourself this question.

Are those people/ things/ thoughts/ habits helping me move forward in life or are they holding me back?

Just because you have known each other since year 2, doesn’t mean that relationship is healthy.
Just because you bought that toy for your baby nephew who is now 25, means it’s still going to be used.
Just because you like your co-workers doesn’t mean you should stay in that brain numbing job.
Just because you have always lived in one area, means you have to stay there for the rest of your adult life.

The world is a big place. Let go and move forward.

Now ask yourself this question?

Have you ever let go of something and find you get more of it back in your life?

Did you stop worrying about where the next paycheck was coming in from, to get a call the next day to come in for an interview?
Stopped looking online for your next romance to get introduced the next week to someone your friend’s have known for years?
Did you stop thinking about how bad you felt in the morning only to get a compliment on how handsome, beautiful you are?
Did you make a commitment to yourself to start a new habit and find the old one had no power over you anymore?

The art of letting go!

The minute you stop trying control life, a person, a situation, and yourself, things happen NATURALLY.

Of course it is easier said than done, when you have bills to pay, somewhere to be, or need it done yesterday. But isn’t it funny how life works that way.

I have seen this happen with my life, with friends, and heard many stories from others on when they just said “fuck it” and let go, things just happened.

Bruce Lee’s famous “be like water” quote.

You must be shapeless, formless, like water. When you pour water in a cup, it becomes the cup. When you pour water in a bottle, it becomes the bottle. When you pour water in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Water can drip and it can crash. Become like water my friend.

Learn to let go, stop resisting the change, stop fighting the natural flow of life which is leading you to an easier and happier place.

Once you let go, it comes to you in it’s own time, in it’s own way and when you are ready.

So if you are having a bad day, just have it.
If you are feeling awesome, embrace it.
Don’t know where you are in your life? That is completely ok.
Feel the urge to travel, go for it.

Enjoy the moments, enjoy the memories, and make sure you make way for new ones to continue happening.

The root of all suffering is attachment – Buddha

How to see the Badass in you

How often do we motivate and inspire others to keep going, to believe in themselves, to push through the challenges, and tell them ‘you got this’, yet rarely do the same for ourselves?

My hands go up for this one!

We are forever looking at others, admiring their life, wishing for what they have, and telling ourselves they we can never have that lifestyle, job, physique or relationship, because we don’t have the same luck, genes, education, and the list goes on.


What makes the person in that £1000 suit better than you?

What about that girl with the perfect hair, no effort make-up, amazing body, and god-like boyfriend?

How about the man who parked up in the latest Audi A5 in front of Planet Organic?

And what about the fitness couple that are posting pictures of their workouts, perfect arrangement of meals for the week, and envious travel pics on Instagram?

I can tell you this….Absofreakinlutely nothing! (what a word huh?)

Now I’m not talking about EGO here. Feeding your ego to make yourself THINK you’re good. No. I’m talking about the REAL you, your true self, the gem that you are, underneath all that skin, bone and tissue, the one that is pure soul and love.

You have the power to change the life you were born in to. You were given life by your parents to live out your craziest and wildest dreams, yet some of us have forgotten something very key that makes all of this possible…

BELIEF! Nobody has ever succeeded without it.

It’s going to take time to build, and like all those who you admire and help motivate, you are going to start doing for yourself.

You were born with a badass attitude. It was there before society and those around you, broke you down, and made you believe you weren’t good enough. But now it’s time to get your little soft butt up (because I’ve never known a badass to have one), and start building your confidence and dreams.

Learn to love yourself, and those things you seek, you will become. So here goes…

Guide to A Badass Self (in no particular order)

  • Change to a positive mindset- this is where it all begins (thoughts & self-talk)

  • Congratulate yourself on getting thus far, and for all your achievements.

  • Stay true to you- there isn’t anyone like you, and that is your biggest asset

  • Write down some goals- visualize them, write them, work at them

  • Work on yourself- nutrition, exercise, emotions, meditate, self-development courses

  • Write down all the things you like about yourself and what you are good at

  • Lose some friends- let go of those negative leeches and make way for some new badasses

  • Focus on you- forget what she/he is doing over there. Over there is not where you’re going

  • Learn to laugh- mostly at yourself and at life’s crappy moments

  • Vent & Vex- get your frustrations out, heal & move on. Holding on is what’s holding you back

  • Stay classy- too many butts and not enough brains being displayed

  • Do what makes you happy- because a smile is the sexiest thing you will ever wear


Remember change takes time. Be patient and keep focusing on the person you want to be. Being a badass means you have your own back at all times, no sticks, stones or words will ever hurt you.

Become so infectious that your name alone changes the vibration of the world

Now that, is how to see the best in you!


Theodora x

Energy healing. Is it really all magic potions, witches and wands?

Well if you read tales, fables, and watch Dreamworks films, then you may still believe that magic and healing only happens in the imagination or on film.

The imagination part is true, but it also happens every day, however you may dismiss it as a coincidence, chance, a random strange thing or completely dismiss it’s occurrence.

Energy healing seems to be the New Age modality of healing at the moment, with the rise of Yoga, Reiki and wellness magazines, and it is far from new, although becoming more recognized in the mainstream health field as well as society.

So let’s take out the word healing and we are left with energy.

What is Energy? E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.

Without energy we, the earth, and life could not exist.

We feel energy through temperature and emotions; we see energy through ocean waves; we hear energy through musical notes; and we also increase our own energy by exercising and meditating.

Energy is life, and it can be transferred, transformed and transmuted depending on what it is for.

Albert Einstein famously said that “energy cannot be created not destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another”

So if energy always exists, this means that humans with the right tools, and intentions can use that energy to heal.

Now let’s look at healing

If you make someone laugh..Thats healing
If you drink a hot cup of lemon honey tea. That’s healing.
If you stand in the morning sun on a winter’s day. That’s healing
If you sit in silence watching your children play. That’s healing
If you go to the physio for treatment. That’s healing
If you meet with your friends and talk about life. That’s healing.
If you cry over a romcom. That’s healing.
Writing your thoughts and worries. That’s healing.
Even thinking of someone and sending them some positive vibes is healing.

We are all healers really!

For centuries people have demonized, burnt at the stake, castrated and looked down upon those who do energy healing. It’s almost like if we can’t see it, or feel it, we immediately say it’s witchcraft!

Energy healing is no different to any other therapy or health modality.

Instead of moving energy in the body on a physical level, such as massage and acupuncture, energy healers move blockages within the body on an energetic level.

Depending on what a client need’s will depend on what tool is used in a healing session.

For example: crystals, sounds, essential oils and herbs.

When energy is moved in the body on an energetic level, it can be felt physically in the body.

You may not always feel the benefits of an energy healing session at first, but the more you begin to open up mentally and spiritually, your physical body will begin to respond.

It is important to remember that any therapist is not the healer. YOU ARE THE HEALER, we merely clear blockages from the body for you to begin the healing process.

Energy healing is far from new, but as our health system is failing us, we are beginning to look outside the box and look for more natural alternatives.

If you want to find out more about energy healing, where to find your local healer/therapist and what healing modality would most benefit you then please get in touch with me.

Oh! and magic potions? Well they really just are nature’s concoctions from herbs, oils and plants…..maybe 🙂