Creation is life

If you are not creating you are dying.

If your body is not regenerating new cells, then your body will shut down. Your red blood cells change every 4 months, your white ones between 2-5 days, your sperm (males) 2 months, your lung alveoli 8 days, and the only thing that will last your entire lifetime are your cells in your Central Nervous System (CNS).

So if your body cannot function/survive without generating new cells, then life itself cannot be sustained without growth or change.

We see life around us grow, change colour, even change form and shape, but when it comes to our desires and dreams we sometimes suppress them, even to the point where we die with them inside.

What happened to that child that was so creative, adventurous and fearless? Society told you you had to grow up.

You may have grown into an adult body, and experienced life situations that have helped you become wise and strong, but you are still a child inside.

Your inner child is who you really are. The child within that still wants to play, paint, sing, dance, jump in puddles, feel love without fear or judgement, draw on walls, say what you think and feel, and just live life as batman or superman.

When you suppress your creative side (and we all have one), you kill your spirit and your passion for being here. You become old beyond your years, and you stop living and start existing.

By doing something creative and arty, you become inspired to be more happy, to feel free, to express your emotions and be more open, and live YOUR LIFE to it’s fullest. It also helps to align you with your life’s purpose and work that you are truly gifted at.

Your passions, desires and creativity come from your pelvic region, and it is of no coincidence that this is where life is created and born. This area is also known as your “centre of creativity”- your sacral chakra.

When you push your creative desires down, you start creating a disconnection with your body, your feelings, and to life itself. I also believe that this disconnection is one of the reasons why people struggle with having children or have reproductive organ issues.

So the next time you feel low, feel lost with life, feel a little disconnected with who you are and where you are heading, go and do something creative. Get your dancing shoes on, get your paint brushes out, or even bake something. You may just find a new hidden talent at making souffle.

Also, taking part in yoga and doing breath work will help clear and heal any energetic blockages in your sacral chakra.

You are never too old to start creating something new. Your are never too old to continue doing what you have always loved. You are never too old to bring that dream to life. And you are never too old to wear a superman cape…but maybe leave the spiderman pants to the official 6 year olds.


Author: vibesdontlieblog

Energy Healer, Emotion Code Practitioner and spreader of positive, high, loving vibrations

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