You’re never too old to throw a tantrum

When was the last time you threw a tantrum?

I mean a real tantrum, the type of one’s you see toddler’s throw in supermarket aisles, in prams, or on the street with their horrified parent/s trying to calm them down, and stop the number of onlookers staring and judging them?

Wasn’t it a great time in your life, where you were able to just throw a tantrum because you couldn’t get what you wanted, and after a few minutes of crying, screaming, kicking and getting completely purple faced you were over it.

Wouldn’t it be great to do the same thing now, as a grown adult, to just do the same very thing.

Well I’m going to tell you that you can, and you should.

It takes more energy to hold those emotions in, than it does to just let it out in one rant and be done with it. Out of your system.

Emotions affect the body on a physical level, and the longer you hold onto them the more they manifest and grow into bigger issues. And on top of that you also become a very unhappy, miserable grump, where everything is an issue and you find it hard to find the good in things and in people.

When you allow your emotions to be felt and to flow through you, they leave no imprint in you or your body. For most of us, and that is myself included, we have been taught to keep quiet, don’t say that “because it is not polite”, “it is rude”, “it’s not good manners”…etc

Well screw that! Who made up those rules?

I’m sorry, but children look much happier in their lives than adults do, and I truly believe it is because they let emotions be expressed, and don’t stress about who is looking at them, judging them or how they look doing it.

So for your good health and sanity,  the next time life gets too much, get fed up with ignorance in your workplace, or you just want to let anything and everything out, GO FOR IT.

Let me know how you feel afterwards. 🙂


Author: vibesdontlieblog

Energy Healer, Emotion Code Practitioner and spreader of positive, high, loving vibrations

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